Monday, September 16, 2019

Catcote Cooks EXTRA! - Episode 1: Cheese Scones!

Hello, welcome to Catcote Cooks EXTRA, Episode 1!

"But what is Catcote Cooks EXTRA?" I hear you say! This term, we have a slightly
new approach. An all new Catcote Cooks crew will be delivering your usual Catcote Cooks programme, and Catcote Cooks EXTRA will be an additional programme to it's schedule.

The plucky students of CF1 wanted in on the action so we invited Catcote Cooks presenter Conor, cameraman Adrian and all round chatterbox Dylan to help us out. As a result, Catcote Cooks EXTRA was born! 

In this first session we made delicious Cheese Scones! As it was our first time, some students were a little camera shy (and teacher Pete is SERIOUSLY questioning making it the Friday afternoon slot, when the students are shattered!) However, we hope that over the coming weeks, our super students will grow into their roles a little more. That's what learning's all about, innit?


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